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RealTimeRental Turns NFC Chip Technology into New Real Estate Marketing Opportunity

The internet has already reshaped the way the Real Estate industry conducts business. In order to remain competitive in today’s Real Estate market, it is imperative that Real Estate professionals take the steps to make their business model mobile friendly.

Keeping the current technological trends in mind, RealTimeRental developed Tap Tags™ as a simple way for real estate professionals to embrace mobile technology.

“With just a simple tap of a phone on the Tap Tag™, your clients will be looking at your message right on their NFC capable smartphone,” said Joseph Testa, co-founder RealTimeRental.

Tap tags™ have an adhesive backing, and can be programmed to open a URL to any website, bring up contact information or digital business cards, make phone calls, send emails, and direct people to social media profiles. For offices that use RealTimeRental as their vacation rental software, Tap Tags™ can be programmed to pull property information directly from the software.

Using the same technology that is becoming common in credit cards, Tap Tags™ contain top of the line NFC (near field communication) chips that facilitate the communication between the tag and the smartphone.

“Tap tags™ eliminate the need for real estate agents to print out physical copies of property sheets for interested buyers. Simply place a Tap Tag™ inside of a property, and interested parties can immediately get access to property information and photos right on their Smartphone,” said Testa.

In addition to placing Tap Tags™ inside to virtually anywhere, water proof Tap Tags™ are also available to put outside a property or on listing signs.

Along with their ability to display property information, Tap Tags™ have multiple uses that are relevant to today’s real estate market.

About is the premier vacation rental software solution for 200+ rental offices in the United States, Caribbean, Mexico, and Costa Rica. As the first web based vacation rental system on the market in the year 2000, RealTimeRental has consistently provided a comprehensive reservation and accounting system for the past 15 years. As a cloud based application, RealTimeRental vacation rental software clients have the peace of mind that their reservation management system can be accessed 24/7 via the cloud. Additionally, RealTimeRental offers a fully integrated trust accounting package and marketing options for property managers, including a proprietary distribution portal,

RealTimeRental clients consistently provide outstanding testimonials about our level of support, the dynamic nature of our system, and our accurate fully integrated trust accounting package which handled approximately 325,000 reservations in 2015, with a gross revenue of over $700 million dollars generated on behalf of our clients.

Want to start utilizing the latest technology in your marketing? For more information on Tap Tags™ please visit or call 888-828-2303.

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RealTimeRental Announces Official Launch of New Vacation Rental Distribution Channel

RealTimeRental’s new vacation rental distribution channel, Rental Retreat, expertly combines the modern online travel experience with the protection and reliability of booking a rental through a traditional real estate or property management company.

“Rental Retreat fills a void in today’s vacation rental market. Travelers love the experience of searching for vacation rental properties online, but very frequently travelers were apprehensive about booking a rental home sight unseen directly though the property owner.

We wanted to create a place online, where travelers could easily connect with multiple professional vacation rental companies across the country. Travelers can have peace of mind knowing that all of the vacation rental listings on Rental Retreat have been inspected and approved by professional real estate or property management companies,” said Joe Testa, co-founder of RealTimeRental vacation rental software.

The 50,000+ rental properties hosted onRental Retreat are updated frequently and have availability calendars that are updated in real time by the property management companies using RealTimeRental vacation rental software. Travelers can be assured that the listings on Rental Retreat contain the most up to date information available.

“Rental Retreat was designed with real estate and property management companies in mind. We wanted to make a simple, easy, and affordable way for professionals in the vacation rental market to increase the online presence of their rental properties,” said Sherry Tomasso, co-founder of RealTimeRental vacation rental software.

Rental Retreat, powered by RealTimeRental, gives real estate offices and property management companies a way to seamlessly increase their rental properties online visibility.

“We are very proud of the performance of Rental Retreat so far. The average booking amount is $2,780 and the lead conversion rate is well above the industry standard at 29%,” said Tomasso.

RealTimeRental has been working closely with web developers, social media consultants and top SEO professionals to ensure the success of the new distribution portal.

Real Estate offices and professional property management companies interested in hosting their rental inventory on Rental Retreat can contact RealTimeRental for more information. is the premier vacation rental software solution for 200+ rental offices in the US, Caribbean, Mexico, and Costa Rica. As a cloud based software, RealTimeRental clients have peace of mind that their reservation management system can be accessed 24/7 via the cloud. Additionally, RealTimeRental offers a fully integrated trust accounting package and marketing options for rental property managers, including the vacation rental website For more information on RealTimeRental vacation rental software or Rental Retreat please visit the website or call 888-828-2303.